Review | Obscured by C.M. Boers


Title | Obscured
Author | C.M. Boers
Pages | 216
Publisher | None
Series | Obscured, #1
Release Date | August 2017
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Abby Martin thought she was an ordinary girl about to start high school. But when her mom announces that they’re moving to Arizona, vivid nightmares start plaguing Abby’s nights. As she settles into her new school and a cute guy named Pete catches her eye, she hopes that life might somehow get back to normal. To Abby’s horror, “normal” becomes a thing of the past as she’s swept up into a world of immortal protectors wielding supernatural gifts. When Abby realizes she’s a pawn in a centuries-old feud, she must figure out who she can trust before she’s caught in the crossfire.

Prepare yourself for heart-pounding suspense in the world of Obscured, where nothing is as it seems and danger lurks in unexpected places.

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It’s not very often in the world of fiction where I find myself unable to read a book. Even if I get that nagging feeling at the back of my head, I will push it away and soldier on. Sadly, this was something I could not do when I was reading C.M. Boer’s Obscured. It was simply too hard for me to read, and not because of the complexity of the book. No, I found myself struggling simply because the type of writing was not my usual form and seemed all too basic for me.

The review for this book is not going to be very long admittedly. I made it to the end of the third chapter and just felt so simply underwhelmed by the book that I had no option but to shelve it. Let it be made clear that I do not fault the author – everyone has a different writing style and sometimes some books are just incompatible with specific readers. I do have however, a large amount of respect for the author as I understand that writing and even publishing a book can be a very hard task to accomplish. Kudos to her on that ground.

Abby seemed incredibly two-dimensional for my liking. She didn’t seem to have a personality or a substance beyond what I read. In the politest way possible, Abby Martin needed more development. It came across that she was more of a draft-copy of the protagonist, lacking the direction and strength a reader could need. With improvement on her personality, and the depth she is given I could have liked Abby more. But I didn’t, and I’m quite regretful of that.

This did seem like a book would I like off the bat, albeit the out of character genre of YA Supernatural. When starting the book, it felt like I’d already read it before. This is because the beginning of the book is like something I would find on the draft novels on Most of the information I was given within the first few chapters seemed so basic and irrelevant to the novel. I could simply not finish the book, and that really sucks.

To conclude, I wish the book had been better. It is not often when I give a book one star, but I feel like the book needs redrafting and rewriting. It is a god draft, but there is a lot of development – in both the plot, the writing and the characters – that needs to be done before I could possibly make it to the end of the novel. Thank you to the author for allowing me the chance to read the book. I’m sorry I could not enjoy the book.

1 star

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