Life Update 01 | M.I.A and Other Shizzle

Hello to the beautiful blogosphere! It’s been so long since we hung out together and discussed one of my favourite things – books. But in all honesty, it’s been such a while since I’ve had the chance to sit down and have a good read. I feel so behind on life right now, and the guilt has been gnawing away at me for weeks. I’m the worst blogger ever.

He was looking for a girlfriend, and somehow met me.

So, for some unknown reason, I started dating this amazing guy almost two months ago now. Pretty much around the same time I fell behind on all the blogging and you guys. He swept me off my feet (not literally, he’d need a bloody crane atm) and asked me to be his girlfriend. Now I’m still waiting for the universe to give me a massive finger up and screw up life, but currently, things are a-okay. Well, besides the fact that at the time of writing this we had an argument. But hey, all is fair in love and war, and we’ll be fine tomorrow.

HarperCollins and Macmillan are my favourites right now.

Despite my inactivity, I received a rather delightful package from HarperCollins a few weeks ago, containing not one but FIVE proof copies of upcoming books from some of the HOTTEST YOUNG ADULT AUTHORS! Shouty caps are required here people, because I am just absolutely in love with them – the publishing houses and the books. I’m in the midst of Jay Asher’s ‘What If’ (which you can pick up at local ASDA’s for £4, by the way) and will give you a cute review when I put it down. The rest are not due to be released until January, so looks like things are going to be hotting up this winter!

London baby!

As well as all this, I am visiting London this week for the third time in my life. Excited is not the word . . . because I am going to a networking event at HarperCollins and I am a bag of nerves. Honestly! There are going to be people bigger and better, and here I am, all little and queasy. But honestly, there are some great things going to come of this trip, plus I’ll be posting a special one-off travel journal, provided the weather is nice enough to take pictures with.

Fresher’s flu is not an illness, it’s a constant state of living.

So I am in my first semester of university, and I study law. This whole blogging sha-bang is an on-the-side deal. But, studying law is like cutting off your feet and trying to walk across a desert. You are constantly lost and trying to find your feet. You know that moment you lose your mum in the supermarket, and you panic? That is uni. Now, I don’t know what everyone who isn’t British does, but we have this fantastic week called Fresher’s Week. Alcoholics around the country unite, and after being given 101 free drink tokens, you’re off. I have never felt so dead to the world.

That’s all folks . . .

I think that pretty much sums up everything that has been going on these past few weeks, and if you’re all really mad at me, I completely understand. But I promise that I’m going to try and be more frequent from now on. Have a lovely evening guys!


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