Trailer Reveal | Lies I Live By by Lauren Sabel

Lies I Live By trailer banner.jpg

So I’m not going to lie. I am really excited about this, because I have never ever (seriously, never) revealed a trailer for a book on my blog. I’m even prouder that I’m revealing a trailer to a book that not only am I looking forward to reading, but to an author I absolutely adore.

Title | Lies I Live By
Author | Lauren Sabel
Pages | 424 pages
Publisher | Katherine Tegan Books
Series | None
Release Date | May 2016
Find it on | Goodreads | Amazon

Romance, intrigue, and action collide in this psychic twist on the classic spy novel.

Callie Sinclair is literally out of her mind; as the government’s youngest psychic spy, she finds valuable information for top-secret missions. Her work keeps her headaches at bay, but it means she must lie to everyone she loves, including her longtime boyfriend, Charlie.

When a new psychic arrives at the office, Callie can’t help but flirt; Jasper already knows her in a way Charlie never will.

But as her love life gets more complicated, so do her visions. People halfway around the world seem to be in danger…and people in her own backyard, too. If Callie can’t find a way to alter future events, she could lose the people she loves—and her mind. Literally.

b o r d e r

Ta da! Let me know if you’re just excited as I am in the comments below!


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