Top Ten Tuesday | All Time Favourites

Another week, another Top Ten Tuesday. This week we are moving away from the educational side of fiction, and towards the books that we love. This can include the books that have either made our day, founded our childhood or have contributed to our personality.

 Admittedly, the topic of all time favourite fiction books will never be an easy task to complete, simply because there are so many fabulous books out in the world.

b o r d e r

1 0  –  t h e  m e m o r y  b o o k

I was in tears, and when I say that, it is not said lightly. This book absolutely broke my heart, and when the paperback edition is released January next year, this little pretty will be sat on my bookshelf where it belongs.

0 9  –  i f  i  s t a y

Again, another book that completely broke my heart. This is something I consult when I need to cry, and a piece of fiction that will always hold a small piece of my heart.

0 8  –  t h e  g r u f f a l o

Childish, but Julia Donaldson was a massive part of my upbringing. When i was three or four, she became my favourite author with several of her works. The Gruffalo will always have a special place in my childhood memories, as well as becoming a book I will read to my nephew.

0 7  –  t h e  w i t c h ‘ s  k i s s

Most people who read this blog will probably be tired of the mention of Katharine and Elizabeth Corr, but this thrilling tale has restored my faith in YA fantasy. The sequel looks set to be just as fantastic as the first.

0 6  –  d a m a g e  d o n e

Amanda Panitch easily became a favourite when I finished this novel. Thrillers and psychological twists are my favourite thing in all of literature, aside from romance, and Damage Done has become a great book.

0 5  –  w i n t e r g i r l s

Recently, I purchased myself a secondhand copy of this haunting tale about mental illness and struggling with weight issues.

0 4  –  m e  b e f o r e  y o u

Heartbreaking and a romance book that really shines a light on some of the controversial issues.

0 3  –  w i t h  m a l i c e

Major plot twists and absolutely shocking reality of friendship, love and jealousy. Eileen Cook is a legend with this story, and it absolutely made my summer!

0 2  –  a l l  t h e  r a g e

I didn’t know what to expect when I bought this book, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad I purchased something in my entire life. Tackling a really current and controversial issue, All the Rage will always be a top fav.

0 1  –  t e n

Two words – bloody fantastic.

And there we have it, my top ten favourite books. Have I missed anything out? Lemme know either in the comments below or on IG @childishlypassionate. Ciao!


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