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Title | Fighting to be Free
Author | Kirsty Moseley
Pages | 400 Pages
Publisher | Forever
Series | Fighting to be Free, #1
Release Date | September 2016
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Jamie Cole has just been released from juvenile detention. Determined to go straight, he tried to cut ties with crime boss Brett Reye–but Brett has no intention of letting him go. Jamie’s life is already more complicated than it needs to be, yet when he meets a beautiful stranger at a bar, Jamie knows he’s in over his head.

Ellie Pearce has just gotten out of a terrible relationship and isn’t looking for anything serious…until she meets Jamie. Their attraction is overwhelming and intense-she can’t seem to shake her growing feelings for him, even though she’s trying to keep it casual.

But when fate goes horribly wrong and Jamie’s family is faced with ruin, he’s forced to strike a deal with Brett. Despite his struggles, he wants nothing more than a future with Ellie. That’s until Ellie finds out that he’s been hiding more from her than she could ever imagine…

b o r d e r


q u e s t i o n  a n d  a n s w e r  w i t h  k i r s t y  m o s e l e y

What was your favourite part of writing this series?

The emotional journey it took me on. I fell in love with the characters while creating them. Their story had so many highs and lows, it was definitely a challenge to bring all the right emotions in. I just loved every minute of it.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek!! My dad is a huge fan of Star Trek so I remember sitting with him and watching re-runs of the old TV show on a Sunday. I guess you could say I was forced to love it too! William Shatner FTW!

If you could change one thing about Fighting To Be Free what would it be?

Fighting To Be Free took me two years to complete, from first draft to the published version that’s out now. During that time it went through several rewrites, cuts, additions and edits to tweak it until I was totally and completely happy with it. I don’t think I’d change anything about it.

How do you feel the book differs from when it was on Wattpad?

The published version has been through significant editing to make it flow better. When I was writing the first draft I was posting the chapters as I finished them onto Wattpad, so the end result was very serialized and a bit choppy when the whole book was read in one sitting. The published version has a much better flow, extra scenes, whole extra chapters and an extended epilogue. Although the storyline is the same as the one on Wattpad, the published version is everything I hoped it would be when I started writing it.

If you had to date a character from Fighting To Be Free who would it be and why?

Well, Jamie would be the obvious one, but since Ellie might have something to say about that, I’ll choose someone else…. I’ll pick Dodger. He’s only in the first book for a few chapters but I loved creating his cheeky, cocky character. I think he’d be a lot of fun on a date.

What three words do you associate the most with Fighting To Be Free?

Perseverance, nerve and romance.

Describe yourself in three words.

Chocoholic, Mummy, Hopeless-romantic (I know, that’s four words, but I snuck in a hyphen…. Can I get away with that?? Lol)

What was your favourite book growing up?

Forever by Judy Bloom.

Why did you start writing?

I’ve always loved writing. I remember always writing short stories when I was at school, but I never imagined I would ever DO anything with any of them. It wasn’t until after the birth of my son that I got back into it. Babies sleep a lot, so one particularly boring nap-time, I went on the internet and stumbled across Wattpad. I spent a few months just reading on there, but then decided to open an account and upload one of my stories. It all took off from there really.

Have you ever wanted to give up writing?

Every time writers block hits!

What would you say to all your readers?

Thank you all so much for reading my books and loving the craziness that comes out of my head! It’s been four years since I published my first book and I am still astounded by readers and the passion that they love books with. I am honestly humbled and floored by your support of my writing, you guys rock my socks right off.

Do you have a favourite character from any of your works?

I have two. Nate from Enjoying the Chase, and Jamie from Fighting to be Free. Both characters are so different, but I love them both to death. Nate because he’s a cheeky, lovable, confident guy (in a SWAT uniform no less!) with a great sense of humour. I don’t want to spoil the story too much, but there’s something incredibly sexy about guys that are good with kids.

And Jamie because he never gave up. After everything he’s been through, he still fights on and didn’t let it beat him. He’s a flawed character, but he strives to be better. I fell in love with him hard while writing him. Plus, he’s a badass car thief, that always adds a little shine. Who doesn’t love a bad boy?

What book has been the most thrilling to write?

I have to say Fighting to be Free. I love writing action scenes and there are a fair few in this book! I also loved all the research I had to do in order to write it – pretty sure I could hot-wire a car if I had all the right tools, that’s pretty thrilling. ;P

b o r d e r

e x c e r p t

He rolled onto his side, reaching out his hand and pulling me against him as he slowly ran his hands down my back.

“That was incredible, Ellie,” he murmured, kissing my nose. He was grinning from ear to ear as he stroked his fingers across my cheekbone.

I smiled and sighed contentedly. “Yeah, it was.” And it really had been. That was incredible; he had been soft and tender, his hands seeming to explore every part of me as he’d taken my body to heaven and back again. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tightly against him, tangling our legs together as he just looked at every inch of my face with a small, satisfied smile on his lips.

“You don’t have much stuff,” I stated after we’d been silently cuddling on his bed for a couple of minutes.

He frowned. “Uh, no, I haven’t even been here a week.”

“Where were you living before?” I probed, wanting to hear the sound of his sexy voice some more. He shifted uncomfortably, and I took the hint that he didn’t want to talk about it. “That’s okay, you don’t have to say.” I rolled so that I was on top of him and sat up, straddling him. He ran his hands up my thighs and rested them on my hips, just watching me with a satisfied smile on his face.

I sighed. It was time to go. This was where it got a little awkward. What was I supposed to say? Thanks and good-bye? “So, I guess I should get going. Would you mind calling me a cab?” I asked, climbing off him and looking around the room for my clothes.

The bed creaked behind me. “You’re going? Why?” I didn’t need to look to know he would be frowning—I could hear the shock in his tone.

I smiled at him over my shoulder. He was sitting up on the bed, a little pouty expression on his face as he watched my every move. “Well, I’ve never had a one-night stand before, but I thought that was how it worked: You have sex and then you leave,” I joked as I pulled on my panties.

He shook his head. “No, I mean, why do you have to go now? You can stay the night; I’ll drive you home in the morning.”

“You want me to stay the night?” I asked disbelievingly.

He pushed himself up off the bed and walked to me in all his naked glory. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his body. “Yeah, I want you to stay the night,” he confirmed, smiling his sexy smile at me, making my stomach flutter.

Oh, I can definitely stay the night!


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