Top Ten Tuesday // Top TV Shows Currrently

Afternoon my lovelies. Having had a refreshing weekend break, I’m back with a fresh outlook and a clear mind. Considering that university starts in a few weeks, we’ll have to see how long this lasts. However, we have now entered one of my favourite months of the year – September. There’s still summer lingering in the air but the leaves are falling and everything looks and feels better.

And with September, comes brand new TV shows. While I live in England, I do enjoy my American television. I’m going to highlight my top ten favourite television shows at the minute.

b o r d e r

f r i e n d s 

Aside from my father, I have yet to come across someone who doesn’t like Friends. When not watching reruns on Comedy Central, I’m slipping the box set into my DVD player with an eager grin. So yes, Friends is definitely one of my favourite TV shows.

maxresdefaulti m p r a c t i c a l  j o k e r s

Again, a Comedy Central classic and a show that has me in stitches every time I watch it. The pranks that each Impractical Joker commits makes the show absolutely hilarious. I can always keep watching this show.

g o s s i p  g i r l

Based on the equally as fabulous books by Cecily von Ziegesar, Gossip Girl is one of my favourite box sets to pull out the cupboard when I’m sad or bored. While not always perfect, I did absolutely adore the ending and the majority of the characters were amazing.

z8rhj1sy9jc r i m i n a l  m i n d s

If you regularly read my blog, you will understand I adore mystery and thriller. Criminal Minds is perfect in providing this, as well as giving an insight into the behaviour behind the criminals.

e y e  c a n d y

Everyone’s favourite Nickelodeon TV singer came back to TV as a cyber genius being stalker on an online dating profile. Eye Candy was short but sweet, and loved every single episode of it!

p r e t t y  l i t t l e  l i a r s

Perhaps my favourite TV show of all time, Pretty Little Liars is thrilling, mystery and constantly keeping em in suspense. Sara Shepard hit absolute gold with her book collection.

s h a d o w h u n t e r s

Of course Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments had to be resurrected in the fabulous Shadowhunters. After success with the first season, I expect big BIG things from the cast and directors in the second season next year!

screams c r e a m  q u e e n s

With an all star cast, Scream Queens was a hilarious horror that had me in every episode. I absolutely detest all horror shows and movies, but this is probably one of my favourite things in the world.

v i c t o r i a

British period-drama Victoria, starring Doctor Who and Me Before You’s Jenna Coleman is bloody fantastic. Not one usually for period dramas, the TV show is interesting and capturing.

key_art_the_simpsonst h e  s i m p s o n s

A show that constantly reminds me of my youth, The Simpsons is funny and silly. It’s brilliant and childish, which is exactly what I adore on this blog.

b o r d e r

So there are my top ten TV shows. Do you agree? Have I missed one of your favourites? Let me know in the comment section below!


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