Top Ten Tuesday | Books That Should Be Studied

Well hello and welcome to my book blog. That suddenly felt a little Marcus Butler there, and yes I have been binge-watching YouTubers. What else is there to do, other than read? That’s what I thought. How is the late August weather treating you? You’d easily mistake Leeds for the tropic with the sun and heat we’ve been experiencing the past few days – not that I’m complaining. Funnily enough, I’ve been in work the past weekend (the perks of bank holiday) so I haven’t had anytime to read. Yes, it sucks.

But I can announce that it is Top Ten Tuesday, and this week I am discussing: the top ten books that should be studied in school. It has been two years since I left high school, but it feels like a lifetime away. Bizarrely, my school wasn’t all that big on promoting reading. I think I read two books that actually mattered, and then they just gave us a summary of the books we were supposed to read. Basically, it was a joke. So here is a list of the books that I would have loved to read on my school curriculum.


(Completely irrelevant but fabulous countdown .gif)

b o r d e r

1 0  –  o f  m i c e  a n d  m e n

A heartbreaking tale of friendship, disability and immobility. While I was fortunate enough to study this, it was recently removed. Bring this back. Of Mice and Men is a fundamental right!

0 9 – t o  k i l l  a  m o c k i n g b i r d

A book I had to pursue myself, the discrimination and persecution of the black community is one that should be embraced in education.

0 8  –  w i n t e r g i r l s

A haunting encounter with mental illness and health issues, this book relates to too many teen girls – a big reason why people should be studying this!

0 7 – a  v i e w  f r o m  t h e  b r i d g e

Marilyn Monroe’s husband, and brilliant playwright, Arthur Miller, is an artists that should be celebrated in the education system.

0 6 – p e r k s  o f  b e i n g  a  w a l l f l o w e r

Charlie and his struggle with life, abuse, mental illness and friendship is a harrowing tale that should be shared with students all over the country.

0 5 – t w e l f t h  n i g h t

The only Shakespeare novel I studied in mainstream school was Romeo and Juliet – and that was in French. The humour of Twelfth Night will make plays a win.

0 4 – t h e  g r e a t  g a t s b y

A short but powerful read, The Great Gatsby is a must read.

0 3 – I  k n o w  w h y  t h e  c a g e d  b i r d  s i n g s

A powerful read, I Know Why They Caged Bird Sings deserves recognition as part of the British national curriculum.

0 2 – n o u g h t s  a n d  c r o s s e s

Brilliantly moving, Noughts and Crosses tells the tale of segregation, racism and power.

0 1 – a l i c e s  a d v e n t u r e s  i n  w o n d e r l a n d

Need I explain this? No. Probably not.


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