Series Review | Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead


This month will make the NINE year anniversary (or book Birthday!) of the very first Vampire Academy book. Richelle Mead is going all out and giving us a pretty new cover for the book in celebration and I get a chance to revisit the wonder world of Dhampires, Moroi and Stigoi. Woo!

I want to look at the books in the series and see what was hot, and what was not. Of this is a hit, it could be a regular feature on the blog – or regular when I read a whole series and cannot motivate myself to write individual reviews.

vampire academy 1b o r d e r



Plot – 7 out of 10:

As each book progresses, the plot varies. Still, each novel maintains its focus and achieves its goal fluidly and effortlessly. In my opinion, the series was executed fantastically, and the story line that Rose, Lissa and Dmitri embark on will be a tale I will probably always adore – even into my adult years.



Theme – 5 out of 10:

While this was something that felt completely original at the time of release, it became fascinating, to me at least, around the time that girls were queuing up at three in the morning to see the next Twilight movie. I’m not totally hot on the ‘vampire’ genre and typically I will brush most of those books off. Yet in this case I did feel quite a hook. I did adore how Richelle Mead created several types of vampire, all ranging on a scale of goodness – but I can’t see this being a fandom that is brought back any time soon.



Characters – 9 out of 10:

Richelle Mead was very clever with this series., as I fail to mention, let alone find, even one character that I didn’t like. Rose had spunk and attitude, yet her loyalty made her admirable. Lissa stood through the pain of her past and allowed her determination to thrive. #strongwomengoals. Dmitri – well, who doesn’t love a bad boy who slays the evil for a living? Even the bad characters of the novel were brilliant, making you second guess and strive for excellence, despite they were carrying out acts to kill the main three.



Romance – 10 out of 10 –

Dmitri and Rose were our main power couple and one of the biggest reasons I got into the book series. The romance that sparked between the two became the most fascinating and the most devastating as the books developed. As fate tore our two lovebirds apart numerous times, they somehow seemed to claw their way back in. Even the relationship that developed between Christian and Lissa was adorable to watch unfold, and now I want to go re-read all the novels again . . .



Tone and Pace – 8 out of 10:

The good news is I never wanted to poke my eyes out. The Vampire Academy series had a good pace throughout and never deterred my interest towards something else. Twists and turns in the book kept me on my toes, that’s for sure. There were some places in the novels that I did question the need for being there. Yet, contrasting this, there were times where I was fighting to turn the page and find out whether I was about to die of heartbreak or not.


Movie Adaption – 4 out of 10:

Everyone seems to have really slated the Vampire Academy movie that was released in 2014. I believe this was down to the idea if it being like a paranormal Mean Girls. No! Vampire Academy was a serious novel about two girls who dealt with a very serious threat. I adored the actors and actresses, only wishing that a second movie could be released – much like they did with the Percy Jackson franchise.



Cover Art – 6 out of 10:

Admittedly I’m not a massive fan of the books current cover art, and I don’t think I ever will be. The minimalist vibe I get from them throws me off constantly. So Richelle Mead, if you miraculously decide to read this, please give us new covers. Oh, and the next movie would be absolutely great! Thanks.

b o r d e r

Without spoiling the books, I think that sums up the stories overall. Their full score is 4 out of 5 snowflakes, equalling 8 out of 10 stars. Little itty bitty aspects nudged down their perfect ten, but I still think eight is pretty high number.

Any requests in what series you want reviewing? Leave them below xo


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