Review // Big Fat Liar by Cookie Moretti

Title // Big Fat Liar
Author // Cookie Moretti
Pages // 352 pages
Publisher // CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Series // None
Release Date // June 2015
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“That awkward moment when the man you love doesn’t know you’re a woman”

Callie Picket, the-fat-girl-next-door has a big fat secret. Well, a secret she’s been successfully hiding from her oh so sexy apartment neighbor Chris Walker. In their first meeting, he mistakes her for a fat guy and she does nothing to correct him.

Then Chris makes her start going to the gym to lose weight and as the pounds come off, Chris begins to see these changes…like Callie starts to look more girly, and since he’s a total playboy and lady lover, he starts getting attracted to her while thinking that she’s still a “he”. Basically, he thinks he’s going gay.

Will Callie ever tell him the truth as her lie begins to take its toll on both of them as she and very confused Chris becomes closer? Or will he be the first to finally see her for what she truly is? A Big Fat Liar.

A love story that breaks the social rules of today’s modern society, Big Fat Liar is a tale of romance, misunderstandings and understanding that what is inside that counts. It’s also pretty funny to read.

When I first started reading the novella, I had to question whether this was a spin on a Shakespearean comedy or not. Seriously, I found the plot both hilarious and ingenious. The book was originally a read on Wattpad, the free reading platform which allows aspiring writers to gain feedback on their work. My curiosity was peeked and I found myself purchasing a copy from amazon. I do have a quarm with this, as the book has been split into three separate parts. At £1.99, you cannot complain, but having to find the second and third parts was a bit annoying, when all you wanted to do was carry on reading the story.

My heart goes out to Callie, because I understand her pain. I’m no size 8, and not a size 14 either. I understand who it feels to be the butt of the jokes, even though my family would never out me through such an ordeal. All Callie wants is love, and for that you cannot fault her. Isn’t that what we all want? She’s a little gem, and a trooper for dealing with the things she has to. Chris is the clueless man who wants to make his friend Cal (Callie) happy in himself (herself) again. Seriously, it sounds like a tale from Shakespeare right now! I adored how gentlemanly and noble Chris was, despite the fact that he played the field. Yet my favourite character is Abel (It’s Uh-belle, not A-belle. He was very specific!) He is a colourful character with energy and spunk. I honestly wish he could be my best friend, because we all need an Abel in our lives.

The story is definitely one that makes you route for Chris and Callie, even if they are oblivious to one another. Like honestly, you just want to smash their heads together and be like – hello! Also, the book doesn’t dawdle or drag on for too long. It has hilarious moments entwined which enrich the writing, and the ending is both unexpected but fantastic. Yet the cover doesn’t dot eh story justice and had I not already liked the book before it’s publishing, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second glance. Big Fat Liar is an all-around amazing story, and is incredibly underrated. Seriously check it out.

3 stars

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