Top Ten Tuesday // Ten Books Out of My Comfort Zone

Since starting up this blog two months ago, I have opened myself up to genres that I would have perhaps previously avoided. This is predominantly categories including paranormal, science fiction, horror and dystopian novels.

While we occasionally find the dud in the group, we do sometimes happen open a crowning jewel, hidden behind all the shiny rocks. Here is a list of my top eight (because I couldn’t find ten) books that I’ve recently enjoyed, but that have been outside my comfort zone.


1 .  w h i t e  n o i s e

An interesting story about psychics and the world of terror that they face. Not my usual book style but in hindsight, a very good choice!

Review here


2 .  c h i l d  4 4

The interest in this stemmed from my previous history project, in which we studied Stalin for A-Level. A review is in the motion.


3 .  t h e  s e c r e t  g a r d e n

As ridiculous as it sounds, I’ve never been someone to enjoy classic novels. Sure, I adore Shakespeare, but anything written by the Brontés, Tolstoy or Dickens just doesn’t pique my interest. The Secret Garden was a book I did, however enjoy.


4 .  s l a t e d

Dystopian novels are never my thing. Neither are sci-fi edges. But this book had a great thing going – something I I highly recommend you check out.

Review here


5 .  w a i t i n g  f o r  c a l l b a c k

Not usually a book I would pick from the shelves, Waiting for Callback was hilarious and charming.


6 .  i  a m  p r i n c e s s  x

Not usually one to read graphic novels, I Am Princess X was the breath of fresh air that my bookshelf needed.

Review here

7 .  t h e  c o l d e s t  g i r l  i n  c o l d t o w n

I would never usually pick a book in which involved vampires, but there were some beautiful moments here.

Review here

8 .  a l a s k a

Like the vampire genre, werewolves are not usually my forte. However I found myself falling in love with this novel, and the other in the collection.


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