June Challenge // Day 06 ‘Tweaking It’

It’s a Monday evening night and I’ve had another glorious day. My feet are killing me though, so it’s safe to admit that I’ve tired myself out. Well, hey ho, I can’t believe we’re on day six of June! If you like in England like me, then tomorrow is your last day to register to vote before the EU referendum. Scary.

Another better here today. The heat was blistering. I hope you all had a great day c:

d a y  0 6 – 0 6 . 0 6 . 1 6

f a v  b o o k  a t m

I had to tweak the challenge because I couldn’t take a picture of the sunset, or decide on my fav standalone. However, I managed to get the cat ( a willing model might I add ) so . . .enjoy.

t h e  c h a l l e n g e s –


t h e  p o s t

Ally Carter is a genius, and she still has me hooked into her third book series. The ‘Embassy Row’ series is one I adore and will continue to build with time. I’m still reeling after the novel shown above, so be patient in waiting for a review.

And today = shopping. And lots of it. My bargain hunting got to work again and I managed to buy these books brand new for just £4. Yes, each book was a pound, thanks to the wonder of poundshops. They’re amazing spots for books guys. I bought my mother two books by her fav authors from the same place.

How was your day? Let me know in the comments or head over to @childishlypassionate on IG and share the love ❤


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