Review // White Noise by Tanya Lisle


Title // White Noise
Author // Tanya Lisle
Pages // 192 pages
Publisher // Scrap Paper Entertainment
Series // None
Release Date // October 2014
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Max wasn’t planning on getting kidnapped.

After an unusual day at school of mute goth kids, disappearing acid burns and the feeling of someone hunting for him, Max just wants to unwind at home. When a stranger appears in his room and abducts him, he witnesses the murder of his parents and becomes the prime suspect.

Max soon finds himself on the run with several other abducted teens, all being hunted down because they’ve developed unnatural powers. Even with his new allies and newfound ability to heal, Max can’t get too comfortable as the feeling that the people looking for him are still there – and they’re closing in.


White Noise was something that I didn’t expect to like. It was unusual to most stories I read, and have a strange edge from the moment I began to read it. But, it was a book that I really enjoyed and a book I think both the male and female YA population will enjoy.

No one is coming after me.

A strange novel, White Noise is basically a book about mutants who can do things that would scare any normal person to death. The plot reminded me of a X-Men movie, which I’m struggling to decide whether that’s a good thing or not. In terms of originality, I’ve never really seen a book about mutants before, so it earns some brownie points on that front. The plot on a whole was quite believable and was quite a good story line to follow. White Noise however, lacks something that I cannot pin my finger to. It just feels unfinished, like a little bit is missing.

“Try not to think about home,” he said, sounding a little sad.

Characterisation was accomplished, in my opinion. I liked Max, despite him making some blatantly obvious bad choices throughout the novel. He did come across as quite unpolished, or as a slightly rough character. As a protagonist, his story is one that you find quite . . . unreal? It’s hard to put words into motion with this book, because while you liked it, you also find yourself questioning whether you really did enjoy it? One thing that is certain is that this book sent my reading rates into a slump. I hit a book hangover after reading this, probably because of the nature of the story. I did enjoy how the story ended, and found that there was a pleasant twist in the story. It does change who you cheer on and which side you’re against, and that is executed fairly well.

The pain stopped and then the world did the same.

If I had to describe White Noise to you, I’d argue that it is a first draft. There is much to be improved and parts to be added and removed. I did enjoy what I read, but I wouldn’t read it again. But this story can only earn 2 out of 5 snowflakes. But, read the book and make up your own mind 😉

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