June Challenge // Day 04 ‘Where All The Fans?’

‘Ello! I’ve just finished an exhausting shift at work and have finally got home with the plan to settle into my lovely bed. With a book of course. Who doesn’t read in bed? *raises a brow*

The fourth day of June has ended and boy has it been bloody warm here in England. To all my American readers, you’d find our summers quite wintery. But god, this heat!

d a y  0 4 –  0 4 . 0 6 . 1 6
u n d e r – h y p e d  b o o k s  +  n e w e s t  b u y s

Remember the story about the charity shop from two days ago? Well this is where it gets relevant!

t h e  c h a l l e n g e –


t h e  p o s t s

So here are a few of my newest buys, and some are books that I have read and loved before. I bought a reject or two, simply because the state they were in would result in a bonfire execution, and no book, unless its an evil book, deserves that treatment. Seriously, people need to look after the trees!

Also, where my Kate Maryon people at? I’ve met this woman and she is a little ray of sunshine! She even signed one of my books. She definitely deserves a bigger following than she currently has. So, what are you doing here?! Go buy her books people.

Can you see a book you like? What’s your under-hyped favourite? Let me know below in the comments or head over to @childishlypassionate on IG and share the love ❤


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