June Challenge // Day 03 ‘Yellow Shortage’

Hello peoples of the Earth. Another sunny day in England, which is surprisingly rare for this country. I swear we must have some terrible weather on the way to make up for all this? There has to be something going on . . . So how was your day?

Day 3 is upon me, and I have to admit that I myself am absolutely loving this book blogging challenge. It’s great, and it’s leading to more frequent posts, so that’s a bonus right?

d a y  0 3  –  0 3 . 0 6 . 1 6
y e l l o w  b o o k s  +  o v e r – h y p e d  b o o k s

I think the phrase ‘over-hyped books’ is quite unfair, and so wouldn’t usually post anything relating this. But for the purposes of completing the challenge, I had to include something, and so I made my mind up. I just hope all the fans don’t hate me for it.

t h e  c h a l l e n g e s –


t h e  p o s t s

So it became apparent that I have a shortage of yellow covered books. Oh the horror . . . No problem, this just gives me a reason to go and waste spend more money on books *winks at purse*

My yellow covered collection included a variety of ages, from children up into adult. A childhood favourite which fit the bill was Dick King Smith’s ‘The Hodgeheg’, a delightful tale of a hedgehog hit by a car, leading to him making everything opposite. Another favourite was Jacqueline Wilson’s ‘The Cat Mummy’. I’ve always adored Jacqueline Wilson, hence the massive collection.

Ally Carter had to make my list, and quite luckily, ‘See How They Run’ had a yellow cover. My review for this book is in progress considering I’m still reeling after the conclusion of the novel. Damn you Ally Carter! Hurry up and give me some answers! And yes, I am a fan of Katie Price’s novels, which is why you may see her book, ‘In the Name of Love’ featured.

Did you know the Katherine McNamara, who plays Clary Fray in Shadowhunters (ABC/Freeform) has sung before? She has a song out called ‘Chatter’, for a TV movie she was once in. Mind. Blown.

Before I go, HAPPY MOVIE RELEASE DATE TO ME BEFORE YOU! I’d be watching this in the cinema right now, but I prefer to ugly cry in solitude.

Thoughts and feelings?
Let me know below, or head over to @childishlypassionate on IG and share the love❤


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