June Challenge // Day 02 ‘Bargain Buys’

I hope the second day of June is treating you as well as it is treating me. Having spent the day in charity shops, seeing if I could find some books for under £5, I can smile and admit that my challenge was well done. My journey out today produced six new books, and a brand new copy of ‘The Vow’ on disc. How much did all this cost? Exactly £5!

Great British charity shops. Every now and then they surprise me.

And, as this is day two of the June Challenge, what better to share everything great with you.

d a y  0 2  –  0 2 . 0 6 . 1 6
# c u r r e n t l y r e a d i n g  &  s u n g l a s s e s

Today I have to share what I’m currently reading beside a pair of sunglasses. Since I wear glasses 24/7 (unless asleep), I don’t really have a nice pair of sunglasses, so don’t judge me for the ones posted in the picture below.

t h e  c h a l l e n g e s –

t h e  p o s t s

One of the first books I wanted to start out June with was Elisa Albert’s ‘Afterbirth’. A story of a girl who has had a child, this is definitely a story that I’m having to force myself into. While I like the plot and the writing style, the pace is quite slow which prolongs the book and diminishes my interest.

Also, behold a picture of my fabulous book collection . . . Payday is a week away, and so is my brand new bookcase so I’ve resulted in stacking my books at the bottom of my bed. There’s a mix of children, teen, young adult and adult books there.

Can you see any of your favourite books?
Let me know below, or head over to @childishlypassionate on IG and share the love❤

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One thought on “June Challenge // Day 02 ‘Bargain Buys’

  1. Smith says:

    Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy your blog


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