Top 5 Wednesday – Book Hangovers

This is a new segment I will be fulfilling on a weekly basis. It is hosted by GingerReadsLainey and takes place every Wednesday.

This weeks topic, the one I will be kicking this segment out with, is book hangovers. So when I first read this, I was totally confused. I’ve read all my life, but have never ever had a ‘book hangover’. Let’s just say, I was confused as hell. But then I checked up with all you lovely people on the blogosphere and apparently book hangovers are a thing! And I’ve totally experienced them! Who knew?

So for the record, a book record is:

The inability to start a new book because you can’t stop thinking about the last book you read.

< w h i t e  n o i s e >

My most recent read and the reasoning for my lack of updates. While I think I enjoyed this story, I’m not exactly sure. It took longer than usual to read and required more effort than usual. Whatever this book has done, its slumped my reading rates right off.

< s h e  i s  n o t  i n v i s i b l e >

Having been something I couldn’t find my way to the end, I found myself falling out of a love for reading. Nothing personal to the book – just the tone made me want to leave the literacy world for a bit.



Six Months Later
< s i x  m o n t h s  l a t e r >

The book was absolutely fantastic. It completed messed with my head, and for a while after reading, all I could think about was the story plot and the characters involved.


< b e f o r e  i  f a l l >

Tackling this book came after reading Vampire Academy for what was possibly the third time. I did enjoy it, but it was definitely the reason I placed my books back on the shelf for a while. Check out my review here.

< t h e  c e m e t r y  b o y s >

Mind-numbingly dull, this story was one that had the potential to out me off reading all together. Thank God it didn’t and that all I had was a minor book hangover. Lesson learnt though – don’t ask your father to choose a book.
So there is my list of book hangover inducing fiction. Leave me a comment in the depths of below telling whether you agree or disagree – and don’t forget to tell your T5W.

Lots of love, my beautiful blogosphere
x o


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