Top Ten Tuesday // Songs I Would Love to See As Books

Ever find yourself wondering what a song would feel like as a story? God knows I have – and so here is my list of top ten songs (currently) that should be made into awesome books.

1 0  –  c h l o e

Every girl understands the struggle of looking and feeling average. A book based on this where a guy tries everything he can to convince a girl he likes her for her averageness.

Unless that’s just wishful thinking.


0 9  –  i  k n e w  y o u  w e r e  t r o u b l e 

Of course we need another story where a girl wakes up and realises that the bad boy she fell in love with was trouble from the start!

Tons of female empowerment feelings here!


0 8 – a l l  a b o u t  t h a t  b a s s 

Because why shouldn’t we celebrate girls with a little more booty to hold at night?


0 7  –  p a i n k i l l e r

A love story told from a guys point of view, about how addictive and bad things can get when in an abusive relationship.


0 6  –  h a n d s  t o  m y s e l f

There’s nothing finer than a story about a stalker and his victims! *Grabs popcorn and criminal minds box sets*

Oh wait…. I’m thinking of Natasha Preston’s The Cellar.


0 5  –  s t i t c h e s

Either a guy going through a really bad breakup, or a story on domestic violence against men. This is a serious issue guys! Let’s stand together!


0 4  –  b e t t e r  l e f t  u n s a i d

A heartbreaking tale about a lover who is writing down all their feels to let go into the wind. Throw in some heartbreaking memories of them together and a tale of the other moving on and BAM!


0 3  –  s p e a k  n o w

Sure we need someone gatecrashing a wedding in order to protect love! I mean, Cookie Morretti’s Big Fat Liar had that scene, by imagine a novel with a wedding crashing at the start.


0 2  –  g l o w i n g  i n  t h e  d a r k

Perhaps one of the best songs I’ve heard emerge within the past six months with an even better music video. It has Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars theme going on too.

I imagine the story would be like Young Widows Club, but instead the protagonist (female) would keep seeing her dead romance everywhere. Of course her friends would have to make her realise she’s seeing things . . .


0 1  –  w i l d , f o o l s  &  t a l k  m e  d o w n

An LGBT story of a love forbidden by an alcoholic dad, and the struggle the character faces when his lover starts dating a girl. The videos rip at your heart, but the book would steal your soul.


There’s my top ten, but what are your top ten? Is there a song you would love to see as a book? Let me know so we can talk about it below!


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday // Songs I Would Love to See As Books

  1. espressodream says:

    Interesting list! I’m not particularly familiar with all of them…but hey its always good to discover new things! Love your take on each song 😁 Also I like the way this post is laid out…I’m weird I know lol


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