Review // Haven’s Knight by Regan Ure

Title // Haven’s Knight
Author // Regan Ure
Pages // 254 pages
Publisher // CreateSpace Independant Publishing
Series // None
Release Date // November 2015
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When I was a little girl, I believed in fairy tales. I believed in princes and princesses and knights in shining armor. I believed in forever and happily ever afters.

I was ten when reality hit me. My mom brought the evil home with her and there was no escaping it. That’s when I learned that fairy tales were just that: fairy tales. The bad stuff is real, though. The difference is that I now know that the monsters and evil villains don’t always wear capes and ugly scars. No: most of the time, they appear normal.

I’m drowning in reality, in my life, and I’ve given up hope that a knight in shining armor will rescue me. But maybe… maybe I don’t need a Prince Charming after all. Maybe a knight without the shining armor and a broken smile will be enough to save me.

Haven’s Knight was something I didn’t expect to enjoy, let alone adore. My scepticism had been high when I picked up another Regan Ure book, trying not to let ‘Loving Bad‘ influence or bias my opinion. Let me just tell you this – Regan Ure has way more than redeemed herself! This moving tale about friendship, romance and standing up to your fears is bound to have you clutching your pillows in floods of tears. Or at least it did to me.

I was still okay on the inside. If I was okay on the inside, I could carry on.

Haven has to deal with some serious issues in her family home. While I’m not going to say what these issues are (because that would be spoilers), they make you empathise with Haven and the way she acts. She’s a strong character, and her personal strength despite everything life throws at her is a feature you can’t help but adore. Her progression from closed off and timid to friendly and brave is admiring. Haven is a character that anybody will love.

My mother had disintegrated under the weight of her grief. Alcohol became her coping mechanism, and a way for her to numb the pain.

Similarly with the character of Damien. His mysterious persona and the way he acts around females won’t have you routing for him at first. He’s pretty much that stereotypical player you want to hit with a brick. However, as Ure begins to peel back the layers that make up Damien Knight, you can’t help but want to give him a cuddle and tell him everything’s alright. You know, just how you do with a cat when it gets scared. But honestly, the characters are freaking adorable.

Little did he know the evil he was trying to keep me safe me from lived in the apartment with me.

Ure’s way of dealing with the adult themes of the novel is brilliant, tackling them delicately but effectively. The novel has such a haunting storyline, and if you pick up this book, you won’t be putting it down until the very end. I want to thank Regan Ure for restoring my faith in her writing, and for making me a permanent fan for life. 5 out of 5 snowflakes.

5 stars


About Regan Ure

Regan is a South African who is married to an IT specialist. She is also mom to a daughter and son. She discovered the joy of writing at the tender age of twelve. Her first two novels were teen fiction romance. She then got sidetracked into the world of computer programming and travelled extensively visiting twenty-seven countries.

A few years ago after her son’s birth she stayed home and took another trip into the world of writing. After writing nine stories on a free writing website, winning an award and becoming a featured writer the next step was to publish her stories.

If she isn’t writing her next novel you will find her reading soppy romance novels, shopping like an adrenaline junkie or watching too much television.


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