Review // The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne

Wrong Side of Right
Title // The Wrong Side of Right
Author // Jenn Marie Thorne
Pages // 400 pages
Publisher // Dial Books
Series // None
Release Date // March 2015
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Kate Quinn’s mom died last year, leaving Kate parentless and reeling. So when the unexpected shows up in her living room, Kate must confront another reality she never thought possible—or thought of at all. Kate does have a father. He’s a powerful politician. And he’s running for U.S. President. Suddenly, Kate’s moving in with a family she never knew she had, joining a campaign in support of a man she hardly knows, and falling for a rebellious boy who may not have the purest motives. This is Kate’s new life. But who is Kate? When what she truly believes flies in the face of the campaign’s talking points, she must decide. Does she turn to the family she barely knows, the boy she knows but doesn’t necessarily trust, or face a third, even scarier option?

borederThe Wrong Side of Right was originally a book I wasn’t that interesting. I stumbled upon it on Goodreads and thought ‘do I give it a go?’ While it took me all bloody day (compared to the three to four hours I usually spend), I finished the book could not be more happier with it. Sure it had its flaws, but show me a piece for text that doesn’t. It addresses the usual YA issues like loss, adjustment, romance . . . But, it also had that strangely charming ‘Princess Diaries‘ effect when Kate found out who her father is.

You’ll never have the chance to work this stuff out unless you give yourself the chance.

Despite her ramblings and sometimes boring personality, I liked Kate. She had a lot of shizzle thrown her way, but she rose up never once (well, maybe once or twice) gave up. She was relatable and moral – standing up for what she believed in and refusing to allow others (*cough* Elliot *cough*) make her feel inferior or just ‘pretty looking’. Meg was another character that I couldn’t help but love. Initially, I had mixed feelings about her. Yet as the novel develops, you can’t help but realise the fondness Meg develops for Kate, even if she has every reason to be über-bitch. Meg is a woman I respect, and probably one of my favourite book-mums ever.

“Not because of you. You were perfect. Are perfect. You’re considerate, moral, brave.”

Something that I wasn’t nuts about was the pace of the book. At times I debating giving up reading it altogether and had to remind myself that a) I had spent money on the book, and b) there would be a sense of achievement in finishing it – despite my reluctance. Jenn Marie Thorne has a lovely writing style. However, my opinion is that the decision to label each chapter with the number of days to the general election was a bit of a bust. It didn’t excite me, or entice me to read more. Instead, I sat mentally debating whether now was the right time to pack the book in.

It’s amazing how much one person can change the world, even if they don’t know they’re doing it.

The beautiful thing about The Wrong Side Of Right stems from the above quote. Kate said these words to Meg during a talk about history. What resonated throughout was the fact that while Kate did nothing to change the world as a whole – she changed certain peoples homes. Her beliefs and determination to do the right thing gave her best friend’s, Penny, parents the chance to live legitimately. Kate’s sudden and although frankly unexpected entrance into the Coopers’ loves also brought (welcomed) change to their own world. It’s a beautiful thought – the fact that while we may not go on to change the world and stop world hunger, we may affect a persons life for the better – which in turn is the same as saving the world.

“I don’t think so. I’ve known you for five days, Kate Quinn, but I can tell you right now – you’re a lot less of a squirmer than you think you are.”

The book assumed that readers would know a little about politics. While I have NY opinion, and I voice them when appropriate – politics isn’t something I indulge in. Furthermore, I live in the UK. This means I know little to barely nothing about the American presidential system. All I have is what I have picked up from news arrivals and television shows, so I found myself being confused in places – especially with the term ‘republican’ being thrown around so casually. But as a whole, I enjoyed most aspects of this book – even if some weren’t originally winners. Jenn Marie Thorne has earned a proud four out of five snowflakes, as well as a new fan.

4 stars


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borederUsually a book goes through several cover changes in its lifetime. Most variation depends on the publishing location. Damage Done is available in the following cover formats.

The second cover is absolutely gorgeous! It is for the new version of The Wrong Side of Right, which will be released in August 2016.


Jenn Marie Thorne
About Jenn Marie Thorne

Jenn Marie Thorne writes YA fiction from her home in beautiful Gulfport, Florida, alongside her dashing husband, her two daring toddlers, and her trusty hound Molly. An NYU-Tisch grad with a BFA in Drama, Jenn still enjoys making a fool of herself on at least a weekly basis. Other hobbies include writing about herself in the third-person, studying classical voice, learning languages, and travelling the world with her family. You can follow her on Twitter @juniperjenny, and on her website


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