Review // A Proscriptive Relationship by Jordan Lynde

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Title // A Proscriptive Relationship
Author // Jordan Lynde
Pages // 544 pages
Publisher // CreateSpace Independant Publishing
Series // None
Release Date // February 2014
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Holly’s new teacher is young and handsome, and he has a dark past. She soon finds herself charmed by Mr. Heywood’s ways and her life gets thrown into chaos. Who knew having an ex-gangster for a teacher could be so troublesome? The closer they get to each other, the more danger finds them. Holly knows Mr. Heywood is hiding something from his past, but why is it so bad? And more importantly, if she falls for him, could their relationship survive? After all… it would be a proscriptive relationship.

A Proscriptive Relationship was probably the first YA book I ever read. It was originally posted online, back on the good ol’ days of Wattpad. From the moment I read A Proscriptive Relationship, I fell in love With the characters, the story plot and the romance of Holly and Chris – two, almost, star crossed lovers in a modern day twist.

“Stupid, lying, devil of a teacher.”

Yes, this book is (essentially) a student-teacher romance. But look past that – the two main characters are only ten years apart, with both being incredibly responsible and understanding the world with deep maturity. The novel moves slow with the romance, something I admired. Chris is softer with Holly, she makes him a much better person. There was also a heck of a lot of action. I enjoyed it. Scenes involving Shawn (the really, really bad guy) were tense and fascinating, encouraging the reader to carry on reading.

“Right, so do you at least know how to make a fist?” Mr. Heywood began, piling sugar into his cup. After giving him a flat look, I clenched my fist, tucking my thumb between my middle finger and pointer finger. I wasn’t an idiot. Jeremy snorted, bowing his head in silent laughter. I pursed my lips at him. “What?”

The characters are fun, quirky and understandable. The naivety of Holly makes her a cute and interesting to follow. She has a mind of her own, allowing her morals and bravery to shine throughout the story. Since A Proscriptive Relationship is told from Holly’s P.O.V, the reader easily falls in love with her. Because this is something you can’t really describe without talking to someone who’s read it, I’m going to award it four out of five snowflakes.

4 stars


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Smile For The Camera says “The book is easy to read and with the fast paced action, very enjoyable too.”

borederJordan Lynde

About Jordan Lynde

Hey Guys! My name is Jordan and I’m the author of a multitude of novels on the e-community writing and reading website called Wattpad. I self-published my first novel A Proscriptive Relationship in 2014 and published two books with Random House UK in 2014 (Gold Rush) and 2015 (Believe Me, I’m Lying). In my senior year of high school I won the Carmicheal Writing Award and Scholarship. It was pretty cool!

 I’m currently enrolled in college as an English major, but I did a couple years of Forensics before switching over. My current ambition is to become a freelance editor while continuing to write and publish books.

 I owe everything to my fans.
Without them, there is no me.

You can follow her on twitter @jordanlynde_, and on her website


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