Review // The Billion Dollar Marriage Contract by Alyssa Urbano

Title //
The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract
Author // Alyssa Urbano
Pages // 277 pages
Publisher // CreateSpace Independant Publisher
Series // None
Release Date // Ferbruary 2014
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Doomed from the start…

Nikos Demakis and Cassia Andrade were married under a billion-dollar company merger contract. Nikos isn’t ready to give up his playboy lifestyle, and Cassia is far from the glittering socialite that their elite circle expects. Events force them to live separate lives.

Ten years later, Nikos is ready to give it all up and settle down with the wife he only sees once a year. Cassia is also ready to settle down…just not with Nikos.

Will Cassia once again surrender herself to the man who scarred her forever? Or will she give up her inherited fortune to leave and never look back? Will they still be able to fulfill the terms of their billion-dollar marriage contract, when death and danger stalk them at every turn?


When purchasing an e-book version of The Billion Dollar Marriage Contract, I had only heard of it from its days on Wattpad. Having never read the drafted version, I chose to give the book a go and see if I’d made a sound investment. Nothing is worse than having to write a bad review – but my opinion of the book just isn’t very good.

The young man felt rage searing his veins, and he tightly clenched his fists. He still couldn’t do anything about it now…but he would… One day soon..

Something that intrigued me about the story was the instant vendetta that is shown against the Demakis family. Of course at the end of the book, the vendetta is almost justified by the ‘bad guy’. However, the fact that the story opened with the story of an angry man and not te instant moving on of the merger deal was a large mystery for me. I think Urbano made an excellent choice but putting small snippets at the start. While it makes the reader question its relevance, it also acts as a narrative hook – something that made me pursue reading on.

“I think I’m in love…” Cassia giggled.

My biggest grievance with this story is the fact that it takes ten chapters to finally reach the present tense and for Cassia and Nikos to finally reunite. For ten chapters, the past is dragged out, which takes away from the maim story. Anecdotes can get tired very quickly, and when there are ten solid chapters of them, you stand there wondering whether it would be worth investing more time into this book or whether you should try another. Another thing that really ticked me off was relationships. The way that Mr Andrade spoke to his granddaughter Cassia, and the way Nikos treated Cassia was unfair and unjustified. Anger is never a good enough reason, and when Cassia didn’t really stand up for herself, it sort of allowed both men to get away with the cruelty.

They were pampered right from the start and then raised to be the spoiled, snobby bitches they were right now. Cassia snorted, exhaled and then tried harder to blend into the shadows.

In all honesty, there wasn’t much I could say about the book on a whole. Maybe that was down to the fact that it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Maybe it was the fact that it could have been developed better. Cassia and Nikos as characters felt bland, fake. The way that behaved and interacted completely out me off, and to be truthful, I struggled to finish the story.

The Billion Dollar Marriage Contract earned a meagre 2 out of 5 stars.

2 stars


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