Review | Loving Bad by Regan Ure


Title | Loving Bad
Author | Regan Ure
Pages | 243 pages
Publisher | DreamBig Publishing
Series | None
Release Date | October 2015
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The good girl falls for the bad boy.

But what if there is more to Sin Carter then a bad attitude, tattoos and piercings.

And what if there is more to the Taylor Price then the fact she has always followed the rules and done what she was told.

Their pasts haunt them. Sin is trying to break free from his dark past while Taylor lives each day trying to forget about the horrors that marred her childhood.

When they meet their physical attraction is undeniable. One night is not enough for both of them.


Loving Bad is a cliché, bad boy meets good girl romance. While Sin and Taylor have both had disturbing pasts, they are bound to each other emotionally when Taylor asks him to take her virginity. Usually I adore cliché romance, and all the traditionally cheesy trimmings that come with – but for some reason, this story felt exhausted. I’d seen many previous examples and for a Regan Ure novel, I felt this book just didn’t live up to a high standard, and for that reason I was largely disappointed.

“I don’t like seeing you upset,” he answered and I felt my heart melt a little.

As a romance novel, the novel did okay. It typically started with boy meets girl, girl can’t stop staring, friend warns girl off to protect her – basically all the usual YA blah blah. I was genuinely psyched to see a romance between Taylor and Sin take off. And then she asks him to be her first. You have no idea how frustrating that was to read! Not only was it totally unreal, but the romance was sort of dead at this point. And then came the completely overused idea that Taylor would use another guy, Caleb, to get over her ‘weird’ feelings for Sin. Oh, and she has no idea why she has feelings for him or feels jealous when seeing him with another girl. Come on!

He had the power to make me feel alive and he had the power to make me feel like I couldn’t go on.

On a more calmer response to Loving Bad, the drama the past brought was quite engaging for the reader. When Taylor is forced to reveal her past to Sin (even if she had a crap way of doing it), the reader finally understands her brothers’ (Connor) need to protect her. The stalker idea was woven into the plot, and the actual stalker was a great reveal. Similarly, the reveal of Sin’s past was a great thing too. I’ve adored a mystery and slowly patching thins together while reading. While some things can be assumed and guessed at, I like a story which keeps me on my toes. I’d never expected the stalker to be who it was, or for them to tie into Taylor’s past the way it did. However, a polite suggestion would have to be the pace of the story. The underwear and the attack seemed a little bit – strange – when I was reading the book. I’d probably place that down to misinterpretation. But, it wouldn’t kill to have some things explained. Like honestly, why did the stalker do that?

He couldn’t stand the sight of me and he didn’t want me to touch him. It was a hard blow.

Something that got on my nerves was the amount of unnecessary drama that was caused between Sin and Taylor. Take the incident with the folder on Sin’s past. Yes, Connor was being largely OTT when giving it to his sister, but Sin’s reaction was also OTT – even when he learnt she hadn’t read a word of it. Also, Connor’s hiring of a bodyguard (which ultimately failed, by the way) was a step too far. Personally, adding in the character of a bodyguard was just plain silly and unneeded. In fact, he was so irrelevant, I think I have forgotten his name.

Loving someone was so exciting, and the feeling that person created inside of you every time you were with that person was addictive, like a drug. It was thrilling, but with the good comes the bad. To love a person left you vulnerable to them and the pain that they could cause was like crashing into a dark pit of despair.

The writing style that Ure took on was very plain and bland. I found myself skipping across pages to get to the next chapter, or to see if the past was going to be uncovered. That usually isn’t a good sign. Don’t get me wrong, writing isn’t easy. I haven’t written off Regan Ure books yet – I just believe they need some vast improvement. The storyline could have been developed a lot better – as could the personalities of Taylor and Sin. While they had depth, it wasn’t the best type of personality I would expect from someone with three other published books. But, the cover was pretty swinging, and I did enjoy some parts a little too much – and the romance was solid for the most part. Therefore, I award this novel a 3 out of 5 snowflakes.

3 stars

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